Replacement with prescription

Preț redus345,00 lei
Glass Type
Single Vision

Long-lasting design

We use 65% bio-sourced, 100% recyclable polyamide frames known for exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting sleek design.

Reusability and recyclability

The Lance X collection features packaging made from natural and recyclable materials, with no single-use plastics, in an effort to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Environmentally friendly factories

Our factories are ISO 14001 certified for eco-friendly practices, ensuring sustainable manufacturing and minimal environmental impact.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Besta
Very bad customer experience

Since the replacement wasn't cheap, I was shocked that I needed to replace them myself. The ordering process wasn't easy as well, because I had a mistake in my e-mail and I didn't get any confirmation email. After I tried to fix it, the customer service was a real disaster. I don't want to use this service anymore

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