La French Tech Award

La French Tech Award

We have been honoured with the prestigious award for the Best French Tech Startup in Development Abroad. This recognition is a testament to our team's hard work, dedication, and the incredible support we've received from all of you. We couldn't have achieved this milestone without your belief in our vision.

For those who may be wondering what "La French Tech" is, it is a vibrant and dynamic movement that promotes the growth and success of French startups on the global stage. It serves as a collective brand for the French tech ecosystem, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, and various support organisations across the country. La French Tech is driven by the French government's commitment to fostering innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and positioning France as a leading hub for technology and innovation. We are proud to be a part of this thriving community and grateful for the opportunities it has brought our way.

Thank you, our valued backers & clients, for being an integral part of our journey and making this achievement possible. Your continued support has been instrumental in propelling us forward, and we are excited to share even more successes with you in the future. Together, we are making a significant impact, and we look forward to continuing this remarkable journey as we bring our vision to the world.

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